Monday, July 5, 2010


I decided to start painting on a whim a couple of weeks ago. It being summer and all, I figured I should preoccupy myself while being productive. This is my first painting with acrylics and on canvas (can you tell I don't paint? ha). Obviously influenced by Picasso's Guernica. I quite like it.

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I'm selling some stuff to make some cashish. If you're not completely broke like I am, you should check it out at my yard sale, SOMETHING PICASSO YARD SALE.

In other news, I find that my Tumblr is just that much easier to update, less talking more sensual stimulation. Everyone should get one, even if you're a complete Blogger loyalist. Sometimes it's easier to just share without having to explain.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

snowy skies and feather reed plants

Camera directed upwards at the night sky with bright flash on.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

loafer heel

Say hello to my new shoes. I call them my "library lady" shoes. I haven't made a collage, picture thing like this in a while... not since the early days of this blogarithm.

Today was such an odd day. One of the ladies who works at the dining hall was incredibly rude and told me if I had known I was making a "big mess" in the dining hall, I'll have you know I was diy-ing a cup of iced coffee and will admit, I was unaware. I look down and there is maybe 4-5 drops of coffee on the floor. I look back up, expecting her to break out laughing, because I was thinking this has got to be a joke. She wasn't joking. There was an awkward silence for a good ten seconds before I stuttered out an apology and told her I would clean it up, which I did promptly. What. the. fuck. Its always scenarios like these where I wonder what would happen if circumstances were different...