Tuesday, November 25, 2008


There is something very mysterious, wild, and fantastic about horses.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for what I've been throwing on lately. Reverting back to safe regulars. And often times, it is just too cold to think in the morning about what I'm wearing. It's hard enough to wake up at 6:45 (I am freakish with my ways, don't ask) for an 8 'o clock class.

I feel like talking about shoes. The only closed-toe shoes I have at the moment are my Clarks wallabee and these Dolce Vita booties that Danielle so graciously sent me from Solestruck.com. Oh and a gold leather pair of Converse which are hardly worth mentioning and seem so odd to me at the moment. It's funny how college is so not a place for heels, yet I have more pairs of 3+ inch heels here than I do any other type of shoe. After seeing this photo shot by the Sartorialist, I'm kind of itching for another pair of Converse, thoughts? Mmm, the truth is, there's not much to think about, they're so... basic, I might as well.

Tank dress, American Apparel. Top, Rebecca Taylor. Scarf, borrowed from a friend. Blazer, Urban Outfitters BDg. Tights, Vera Wang for Kohls. Shoes, Dolce Vita courtesy of Solestruck.com


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous photos!

  2. you look nice, converse are comfy and cool : )

  3. I love the pictures, but I'm really not a big fan of horses...

  4. Get the converse. They are amzingly classic and go with anything. No matter what everyone else says, they totally do.