Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Back from China! Blogger was blocked so updating was nearly impossible. Prior to leaving, I was in dire need of easy, walking shoes so the day before jetting off to the middle kingdom, I picked up these black monochrome Converse. I've noticed that the quality of Converse has gone down in the last few years, there used to be thicker laces and Chuck Taylor used to be printed on the aglet, mmm among other things. It's good to be back, expect more updates about the trip I took 2000 photos so there's plenty to share...


  1. you're finally back linda!!

    i want to hear about your trip! pity we didnt have time to meet up when we were both over there!

    love the chucks.

    The Voguette

  2. yahoo, just yesterday i checked your blog and i was like, huh? where is she? and then you update today! what a coincidence!

    anyway, i'm looking forward to your pics of china

  3. :) Love the shoes

  4. I can't believe they blocked blogger. i just went on facebook to tell my friend that fact. Insane. I can't wait to check out the pics!

  5. They blocked blooger in China. NO WAY?! Can't wait to see your photos, hope you had a fab trip xoxo

  6. I have those Chucks! When I was in a hardcore band and we were on tour I either had those on or my regulars because I was a crazy dancing fool on stage. < sigh > I miss those days!!