Monday, February 1, 2010

dork on a horse

The title "dork on a horse" refers to the Ralph Lauren polo player logo on my shirt, its what my highschool teacher would yell if you happened to walk into his class wearing the silly little logo. The grandma-like sweater is Liz Claiborne. Did everyone know that Liz Claiborne owns Juicy Couture? I definitely don't associate the two...


  1. in my soc. of gender class we did a study on gender and labor in clothing factories ... we learned LOTS about liz claiborne! the company owns many, many brands! they were also one of the first to outsource labor ..... :-/

  2. cute gif!
    but wait. you mean liz claiborne?
    ya, they own juicy couture but that doesn't really mean anything.. i mean, 1. tim gunn is creative director of liz claiborne so it's not like it's completely O_O and juicy couture also has their own designers (P&G YAYAAYAYAY haha, kidding..). own just means.. being richer. haha

  3. haha i didnt know liz claiborne owned juicy! huh!
    and i like your mini-animation =P

  4. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck! ;)

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    x Valentine

  5. lovely blog,i like de animation.