Wednesday, January 14, 2009

listen up

Little stud earrings are more attractive to me than bigass chandeliers. I like how these look like disco balls, little black goth disco balls that is... Kind of a weak reference to that godly YSL black stone circle ring too, don't you think?

Mmm I'm sporting the 15-foot long scarf I knit, again. That's all.


  1. i like to say "that's all" a la devil wears prada but no one catches the reference.

    those earrings are so pretty!

  2. super duper amazing and gorgeous my dear!
    I haven't worn earrings since...since I moved into my new SF apt!
    Everytime I tried to put an earring on, i would drop it into the sink and lose one.
    I've done that at least three times so I just don't wear them anymore. :(
    I actually bought a mesh thingy for the drain(I don't kno what its called) to prevent things from dissappearing but since i lost all of the expensive and cute ones, i just don't have any earrings lols
    now that i see urs, i really want new earrings. hmmm

  3. I like jewelry with black stones!


  4. I need those studs in my life, I've been wearing the same vintage daisies for months now! Where are they from?

  5. Ah I have ear holes but I am allergic to most of them :( They look really exquisite though :)

  6. love it!
    i totally agree, smaller earrings are much classier and prettier than OTT ones.

  7. i want that scarf. so cozy looking (:

    very pretty little studs, surely beats those huge earrings.

  8. Pretty sick. I would wear those earrings every day forever.

  9. Those earrings are gorgeous, you're right they do remind me of the ring. Buuut I'm more a fan of gigantic-stretching-your-earlobes type of earrings, although saying that I wear studs daily and can never ever be bothered to change them!

  10. i love them so much, wow. i agree completely. i think studs are so much cuter than huge dangly earrings.

  11. the simplest things often make an outfit...
    and these are gorgeous!
    thanks, i'll add you too :)

  12. yeah looks like the cool
    but still i love big earrings too.but they have to be special...

  13. Thats a pair of beautiful earrings.

  14. Those earings are so elegant ! The scarf you are wearing looks great :)