Monday, April 13, 2009

crunch time

I'll be a bit absent from the blog for a the next few weeks due to projects, essays, and finals. Probably confined to my room (read: pictured above) or the library or some study lounge of sorts. Please bear with me, and wish me luck!

Aaaah I can't wait until after this madness: sweet freedom, Summer, oh and did I mention, Shanghai, China?

PS: I'll probably have a few picture posts lined up to keep everyone entertained. So come back for those, they'll be pretty, I promise.


  1. heh, yeah, I know what you mean, I'm actually supposed to be finishing a paper right now :P

  2. Beautiful pics. Good luck with the finals :)

  3. waittt - you're going to Shanghai TOO!?!?

    When are you going to be there?!?!

    The Voguette

  4. Good luck! I know how you feel, summer soon though :) x

  5. those walls look like a prison : (

    pretty prison cell though !!

  6. Are you going for to Shanghai for sports?

    Haha, weird question, I know, but you strike me as the international school kinda kid.