Wednesday, April 15, 2009

light years, star ears

Still posting in auto-mode, because it is exam time and I be studying, lolz. I still hold strong to the idea that for everyday, little studs are best for ear gear. Big earrings are just too dangerous, can't you just imagine the scary things that could happen with big hoop earrings?


  1. those look adorable on you!
    good luck on your exams!

    The Voguette

  2. Your blog is so perfect. I tend to slack of dueing exam time to.

    I've had nightmares involveing hoop earrings, no kidding. ;)

  3. you want to know something very creepy? i have a pair of star studs that i got during the summer in korea. i'd never worn them cuz i was already wearing these 'diamond' studs at the time, also bought in korea, so these star studs were just pretty to look at.

    WELL only 5 days ago i brought them out and decided to wear them. i was also gonna post pictures of them on my blog but looks like you beat me to it!

    so coincidental!

  4. i love them!
    i have very similar ones!!

    -Pirates of the Caribbean 4?!
    -Chloe for Opening Ceremony

  5. I love the symmetry you use in all of your photographs. :D

  6. Good luck with the exams and whatnot!

  7. these are perfect earrings though
    the size, the raised shape

    the problem is... it's hard to find perfect earrings that aren't hoops

    i did a whole hoop post recently... your worst nightmare heehee ; )

  8. I totally agree, I have double piercings and it looks so cool when I just have two sets of studs in.

    I really, really love the name of your blog :)