Friday, July 10, 2009

and the winner is

Thanks to everyone who entered the x The Somethingpicasso giveaway for a grey Elizabeth&James deconstructed tee.

1/Justina 2/Fashion Fille 3/Vanessa 4/TINE 5/paige 6/ 7/jess 8/Karen 9/irene 10/ 11/stef 12/Gina Mueller 13/Ginnifer 14/irisax 15/Fashlynablev 16/oh you pretty things 17/miss_vogue 18/denise 19/Nelsby 20/Ann Diana Dinh 21/bailey hunter 22/valerie2350 23/Megan 24/esther 25/STARR 26/Catroux 27/Katt 28/Chloe 29/Laurie 30/Annie 31/Alyse 32/ 33/Joyce 34/Kath Dogg 35/Noiser 36/Winter 37/Alaina 38/Tanyetta 39/Catherine 40/Highdee 41/Observate 42/May Kasahara 43/HK 44) 45/Lexie 46/jamie clare 47/Juliet 48/chelsea 49/CAMILLE 50/Michelle Park 51/Jenny H. 52/K8 53/Don't Be A Hero 54/EILEEN MACHINE 55/Claudia 56/Holly 57/ 58/Laura 59/ 60/ 61/Miranda 62/Emilie 63/wendy