Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I skipped my 8 am class because I just couldn't bring myself to wake up at 7 this morning. Instead, I woke up at a decent 11:30 and watched my roommate pack for her flight to New Orleans (I think she's going to be doing some serious partyin' down there), while I ate her leftover Chinese takeout from the night before.

In a few I'm going to the dining hall to get takeout with a friend and then I'm headed back home (home-home, not dorm) for Fall Break. What is everyone else up to this week?

Shirt, F21. Jeans, Levis. Sandals, Urban Outfitters. Glasses, F21.


  1. Cool sandals!! I love black suede and fringe is always cool. Great look, i reckon i need a plaid shirt!!

  2. i cannot waittt for your shredded tee tut!

  3. cute casual outfit! 8am classes are the spawn of satan.

    one question about shredding shirts! do you start near the bottom hem or do you just pick a random spot midway on the tee and then start shredding in both directions from there?!

    i started a black one a few days ago much to my boyfriends dismay...

    he thinks it makes me look homeless. HAHA!

  4. work work work. catching up on sewing, doing my research project, etc. etc. the usual.

    ummmm next week, however. TORONTO FASHION WEEK, which i will for surely update about!!!!!

  5. i have my first 8 am class next term .. oh boy.

  6. hi beautiful girl.

    thanks SO much for your oh so kind comment. I don't even know what to say? ah. thanks love.

    i looooove the ripped shirt. edge = love.

    have a fabulous day !

  7. i just posted my take on the shredded tee! just thought i'd let you know ;)

    still excited to see your tutorial! i bet you'll have some crazy technique that i wish i had thought of beforehand haha

  8. Sometimes sleeping in is the best thing for you :)

    Yes, the Vagabond has a silver zipper. But I think it´s fake though, because it has a zipper on the inside of the ankle as well. I checked the Vagabond site ( and it seems they only ship to Europe.
    But if you find a shoe you like I can ship them to you :)

  9. loving those flats.. & I can't wait to see the gray shreds :]

  10. The shoes are so lovely and the nerdi glasses too.

  11. you make me want more plaid!!!!

  12. wow, i kinda miss living in the shirt!

  13. love those fringed sandals!so boho glam! luv it.

  14. I loved those shoes, I tried them on at UO but they fit me oddly, I could hardly get my toes to do what they were supposed to, so I didn't buy them, sad days

    I probably should have because I still have shoe lust for them. *sigh*

  15. Love the shoes and your kinda blurry pics =)