Wednesday, October 29, 2008

true blood

Mens shirts and tights are always so ez. It's hard not to repeat. In other news, I straightened my hair for the first time today (read: not permanently, just with a friend's straightener). It's insane how flat and thin my hair can be. I'm still convinced that said friend's hair straightener is magic. Oh and in these pictures my hair is noooot straightened.

I know Chauss is obsessed with HBO's True Blood, but is anyone else? I don't get HBO in my dorm, so I watch the episodes bootleg online; its a slightly corny storyline, but it is so addictive. I have always liked the idea of fantastic creatures... vampires, unicorns, and centaurs anyone?

Shirt, Gap mens section. Tank dress, American Apparel. Tights, Vera Wang for Kohls. Shoes, Clarks wallabees. Leather jacket, vintage. Scarf, borrowed from a friend.


  1. Ouh, I agree about the men's shirts and tights =]
    It's crazy how much straighting hair makes people look different.

  2. i love your layers. my hair is naturally fine + straight! such a pain.

  3. aren't clarks like the most comfortable shoes ever.....

    p.s. i still want one of those amazing shredded diy shirts of yours...

  4. i feel you girl.

    mens shirts and leggings.easy fit..catch me wearing the same thing every now and then too! haha

  5. Def agree on the men's shirts leggings deal.

    I am completely obsessed with that show it's def kinda corny but I love it!